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 Subdynamic has been implementing Ground Penetrating Radar on a wide variety of job sites, on various ground conditions, over the past decade. GPR is a non-evasive method for providing images of subsurface objects. The GPR responds to both metallic and non-metallic objects. GPR makes it possible to obtain an indication of where it is safe to drill, cut, or dig, and where extra caution is necessary. Subdynamic GPR technicians have been trained and certified, with on-going training that keeps Subdynamic technicians up to date on all the current applications.

 In addition, our lead GPR technician conducts ongoing follow through sessions with all our technicians, to ensure we are keeping to Subdynamic standards.

 With a wide range of antennas in our possession, we can establish results at depths from a foot or less, and as deep as 20 feet, depending on ground conditions.

If you have any questions regarding the use of GPR, please contact us. We would be happy to assist.

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