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Leak Investigation Services

 Utility locating and subsurface surveys are performed before excavation, drilling and/or construction projects. Our locating investigation specialist utilize updated applications and methods to detect the location of underground utilities, piping and non natural occurring anomalies. The items detected are marked on the ground surface with paint or flagging. The location and depth of the specified service lines can be transferred to existing drawings or CAD applications via Bluebeam. 

Water Leak Investigations. 

 There are three basic water leak detection methods utilized by our field technicians. The methods, standards and procedures are customized in real time to adhere to specific system or project site characteristics.
The three water leak detection methods are the Sonic (sound vibrations), Tracer Gas (mix of nitrogen and hydrogen which is extremely safe) and the use of a Correlator Bundle (utilizing sound that measures distance from a valve to the escaping leak location)

Gas Leak Investigations.

 The method to find a gas leak under the house is performed by evacuation of the gas from the pipe. Then the pipe is pressurized with a nitrogen and hydrogen mix (extremely safe to use). If we cannot see the pipes under the house through the crawl space, then we use a radio frequency pipe locator. The pipe is then surveyed with an escaping gas detection instrument which detects the hydrogen nitrogen mix escaping from the point of the crack, break, offset or hole in the gas service line.

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